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Sunday, July 1, 2007


Chat that YWL had with my best friend about the situation on March 17, 2004.
(Notice him "trying out new lies" to see what will fly!! He didn't realize Shira already knew everything and KNEW he was lying to her!)

Shira: hey YWL
YWL: I am an ass
Shira: well, ok
Shira: what makes you say that???
YWL: Its a long story
Shira: do tell
YWL: ok
YWL: I met someone online that I really care about
YWL: it happened after
YWL: well you know when I got upset that night
Shira: right
Shira: hey
Shira: remind me again why you got upset? I was never really clear on that
YWL: because honestly I felt that I was being toyed with.
YWL: anyway..Barabra and I stayed online that night (no we didn't -- I was online with Shira until 3am; YWL blocked me and went back to cybersex with Elizabeth... as I found out)  
YWL: very late
Shira: well you should have said something to us
Shira: we always joke around like that
YWL: I did
YWL: 'to Barbara
YWL: then I went away
Shira: right
YWL: and then when I got back I pulled away from Barbara
YWL: I had to it was making me crazy
Shira: what was making you crazy?
YWL: tension
YWL: we both wanted to sleep with each other but knew it could never happen (WTF? LOL!)
YWL: we talked about it till like 3 in the morning
YWL: anyway I started talking to someone online and we got very close
YWL: I was even making a buisness trip to go meet her
YWL: Well yesterday her and Barbara talked and now they are both so hurt  (HURT?  Doesn't even start to cover it)
Shira: hang on - but you practically had to be coaxed out with a handful of sugar cubes to go meet Barbara for LUNCH!
YWL: no
YWL: I was supposed to see her next week
Shira: Yes, for the second time in 2 years
YWL: because I could deal with it now
YWL: now you know the reason I felt I couldn't
YWL: and now I have hurt her
YWL: now I have hurt Elizabeth
YWL: and most importantly I have lost her as a friend
YWL: I have been throwing up all morning
Shira: DESTROYED her, YWL. The word is DESTROYED. You have no idea the amount of abuse she puts up with in your name on a daily basis for something she never even did!
YWL: thats why I was reluctent to see her to make it worse and I have anyway
YWL: I cant throw up anymore
Shira: so don't throw up
YWL: Im so nauseous
Shira: so what are you going to do then?
YWL: I dont know
YWL: Shira -- I do love Barbara and dont want to lose her out of my life
YWL: I dont know what to do
YWL: except throw up
Shira: you love her?
YWL: yes but not in a romantic sense anymore. It started going away that night (again... going away... wtf is he TALKING ABOUT! LOL!)
Shira: so you did love her in a romantic sense at one point?
YWL: yes!
Shira: did you ever tell hr?
YWL: no
YWL: not exactly
Shira: well YWL you either tell someone you love them or you don't
YWL: no I didnt
YWL: but eveytime we tried to stop we couldnt
YWL: but I forced myself

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Shira: you forced yourself?
Shira: Or you found it easier because you had someone else to play with?
YWL: no because that happened almost two month before I met
Shira: how did you meet her?
YWL: she commented on one off my articles so I sent her a thank you (that's a lie, even Elizabeth says in emails printed on this site I INTRODUCED THEM)
YWL: and she email back
Shira: you send thankyous to everyone who comments?
YWL: yes
YWL: I do  
YWL: read the bottom of one of my articles (great way to collect emails for future victims!)
YWL: it says right there
Shira: k
YWL: He reads and responds to all of his mail, so comment by here
Shira: oh, yeah, of course I remember now
YWL: and then we started emailing
YWL: and iming
YWL: and one thing led to another
Shira: YWL you do know Barbara loved you, and that for her love is something she tries to avoid because it has only ever brought her pain
YWL: until we had a big fight yesterday
YWL: I had a big fight with Elizabeth yesterday because.. she didnt want me to be friends with Barbara (again, I found out this is a massive lie too!  It was the OTHER WAY AROUND)  
YWL: and the rest as we say is history
Shira: how does she know Barbara?
YWL: they met on a newsgroup
Shira: oh, right
YWL: thats how she got to read mystuff
YWL: I asked Barbara if I could call her and she is ignoring me
OT1: well from the sound of it that's not surprising
YWL: she told Elizabeth that I said bad things about her which is not true
Shira: why would she lie?
YWL: I never said anything cause I knew it would hurt her (hurt? wtf? he just wanted to keep using & abusing me as he kept on smearing and lying about me to others.)
YWL: I swear
YWL: I never discussed Elizabeth with Barbara (admission of lying and also notice how he leaves out that he's 'discussed' - lied about & smeared - me to Elizabeth to keep us from talking and finding out he's a predator who's been using both of us for his sexual fun & games!)
YWL: On my life (which life would that be?  the one your wife knows about or the one you have at Julie's or the one you have online....)
YWL: gtg



YWL: Barabar wouldnt pic up her mobile
Shira: well I did say to leave a message. She's a busy woman
YWL: I dont know
Shira: you know how it is...kids and all, also she's disabled, remember
YWL: Her vioce mail didnt pic up
YWL: I dont htink
YWL: I ddint hear a beeb
YWL: but Italked anyway
Shira: what'd you say?
YWL: I said that I didnt want to loseher from my life that she was too important and could we talk
Shira: YWL she's been awake for 30 hours
Shira: she's distraught
Shira: YWL
Shira: you've utterly destroyed any trust she had in you
Shira: you've made her feel used
YWL: I know
YWL: but I wasnt
YWL: I swear
Shira: you weren't what?
Shira: using her?
YWL: we were supposed to meet next week
Shira: so?
YWL: I asked her to keep the lucnh
YWL: so w can talk
Shira: you know, if I were her I wouldn't want to talk to you
Shira: I would feel very used and betrayed
YWL: I know
Shira: you were using her, weren't you
YWL: no
YWL: I wasnt
Shira: well; what else do you call cybersex with her, and then another woman, with no intention of anything else?
YWL: I told you how it happedn and they were sepreated by time
YWL: and there was an intention
Shira: what did you intend?
YWL: I had set up a trip to see Elizabeth
Shira: I meant MY friend, Barbara! Not your newest girlfriend, Elizabeth!
YWL: So you arent going to help me?
Shira: Help you!?
You've been lying and toying with Barbara for 2 years with no intention other than to twist her into knots and using her! So, what do you expect after what you've done to my best friend?
You lied about ME, too. 
I tell you what, YWL, you best be sh*tting yourself. You ********. And you call yourself a spiritual man. I think not. All you think about is your **** and I wish you everything you deserve. What a filthy lying s**tbag you are.


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